Guest Commentary: The End of Affirmative Action and the Myth of the Self-Made Entrepreneur

The co-founder of AND 1 and the B Corp Movement on what the Supreme Court majority doesn’t seem to get: There’s such a thing as racism without racists

By Jay Coen Gilbert

Business for Good: Re Vision Architecture

A pioneer B Corp in Philadelphia’s sustainable design scene doesn’t just reduce, reuse and recycle: They listen to clients to create buildings that last because they’re loved

By Courtney DuChene

Business for Good: Coffee With a (Updated) Mission

Saxbys has been training young, socially-conscious entrepreneurs and uplifting local communities for years. Now, it’s “walking the talk” with its new B Corp status

By Christine Speer Lejeune

The Citizen Updates: Houwzer’s Next Move

Mike Maher’s growing, Philly-based real estate company has launched a nonprofit arm that's poised to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help underserved people buy homes

By Jessica Blatt Press

Did LeBron Choke?

Missing from the NBA players’ historic wildcat strike last month was a call for bold action on economic justice. If only they’d heard of Philly nonprofit B Lab

By Larry Platt

Business For Good: Ed Satell’s Latest $1 Million CEO Challenge

The veteran entrepreneur and founder of the Satell Institute is going all out to help nonprofits during Covid-19

By Larry Platt

Are we ready for a B Corp revolution?

A powerful group of CEOs announced a shift in their profit-first thinking last week. But, B Lab’s founders warn, words alone won’t make necessary change happen.

By Jay Coen Gilbert, Andrew Kassoy and Bart Houlahan

Purpose and Profit

At our event next week, Berwyn’s Jay Coen Gilbert, who helped found the international B Corp movement, will show why doing good is also good for business

By Larry Platt