Citizen Recap: Higginbotham Mural Paint Day

Heat couldn’t keep West Philadelphia neighbors away from contributing to a legacy public work of art

Citizen Recap: Higginbotham Mural Paint Day

Heat couldn’t keep West Philadelphia neighbors away from contributing to a legacy public work of art

On Tuesday, August 9, despite a citywide heat advisory, West Philadelphia families, Mural Arts workers, a famous muralist, and members of The Philadelphia Citizen and Mural Arts Philadelphia gathered to start painting a mural of the Honorable A. Leon Higginbotham outside Mercy Philadelphia Hospital at 54th and Chestnut streets. The mural, a partnership between Mural Arts, the Penn Carey Law School and The citizen, is destined for 46th and Chestnut streets.

Higginbotham, whom we’ve profiled and whose moral teachings we will continue to write about this year, was a civil rights pioneer, national moral conscience, an impartial and impactful jurist who came very close to joining the Supreme Court — and largely unsung Philadelphia hero.

But this August morning was not only about him. It was about community. And snacks, courtesy of Federal Donuts. Workers unfurled paint-by-numbers-esque panels. Volunteers picked up brushes. News crews from 6ABC, NBC10 and CBS3 captured the action. Artist Shawn Theodore beamed.

It was a glorious collaboration — one those families will remember each time they pass by the completed creation. It will also be repeated in West Philly, at a date to be announced. Keep refreshing our events page for updates.

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View photos below:

Volunteers and Mural Arts workers paint panels.
(Left to right): Andrew, Elizabeth and Cynthia Sung.
(Left to right): Ethan Young, muralist Shawn Theodore, Theo Wyss-Flamm and Anna Patchefsky.
More volunteers paint panels.
Members of the media.
Moe panel painting.
The painting arm of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Lucia Michel.



Mural Arts Philadelphia's Lucia Michel. Photo by Theo Wyss-Flamm

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