Josh Middleton is an employee at the Philadelphia Citizen
Josh Middleton

A proud graduate of Temple University, Josh is back for his second go-round at The Philadelphia Citizen. He worked here from 2016 to 2017, and returned in 2019 to reprise his role as audience engagement manager.

He’s busied himself as a reporter, editor and social media manager in Philadelphia since 2009, mostly covering local arts and culture news and LGBTQ issues.

He began his career as an A&E editor at Philadelphia City Paper (R.I.P.), before moving on to become an associate editor at Philadelphia magazine, where he manned daily content and social media for the company’s G Philly and Ticket blogs. His most recent position was editor of Time Out Philadelphia, a website and quarterly magazine.

His byline has also also appeared in almost every media outlet with the word “Philadelphia,” in it, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Gay News, Metro Philadelphia, Visit Philadelphia and Philadelphia Wedding. How’s that for Philly commitment?


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