Who Didn’t Vote in 2020

Philly’s once-in-a-generation turnout helped give Joe Biden the presidency. But in North Philly’s Hunting Park, voters mostly stayed home. What will get them to the polls next time?

By Malcolm Burnley

Guest Commentary: Is Philly Ready For a Third Wave of Political Activism?

Now is the time to capitalize on the greatest civic engagement in a generation. A former city official lays out a plan to do that.

By John Kromer

Guest Commentary: Want to Boost Voter Turnout?

A legendary UArts professor of innovation says the advent of the secret ballot fueled voter apathy

By Neil Kleinman

5 things we know about early voting in Philly

There are still 18 days left until Election Day, but here’s a sneak preview of how things are faring so far

By Jon Geeting

Better Civics: The Real Truth About Voter Apathy

It’s not that people don’t care, the founders of a new civic engagement nonprofit contend. It’s that our electoral system continuously puts up barriers to voting. Here’s what we all can do about it

By Jen Devor and Megan R. Smith

Power The Polls

The city needs to recruit another 4,000 people to work the polls to ensure voting goes smoothly on November 3. Here’s why it matters—and some ways we can prevent this last minute scramble in the future

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

10+ Ways To Help Get Out the Vote

It’s all hands on deck this year to ensure Philadelphia voter turnout is the highest it can be—even during the pandemic. Here’s how you can help.

By Katherine Rapin

The Citizen Recommends: Map the Vote

At least 40,000 eligible Philadelphians are not even registered to vote. You can help change that with a new app

By Katherine Rapin