Philly’s Potential to Change The World

Penn’s Orphan Disease Center turns 10 this year. Its promise for Philadelphia goes well beyond science

By Ajay Raju

Penn Did A Great Thing. Now It Could Do More.

Amy Gutmann’s $100 million pledge to the school district proved again how she is making Penn a leader among elite universities. A longtime college president offers ideas for what else Penn could do for Philly.

By Elaine Maimon

The Citizen Recommends: New Wharton Lecture Series

Erika H. James, Wharton’s first-ever female and African American leader, will address the pressing issues facing businesses in the States, and around the world

By Jessica Blatt Press

A Green Stimulus for Philly

Penn’s resident climate wonk co-wrote a letter urging Congress to green its pandemic response. Could the public investments he supports help solve Philly’s poverty epidemic, too?

By Brianna Baker

Modeling The Pandemic

Penn Medicine and Code for Philly have developed a tool that predicts local hospital surges due to Covid-19. Its ultimate accuracy depends on you

By Andy Metzger

Texting To The Rescue

A team at Penn Medicine may have found a way to save hundreds of new moms’ lives with a simple—but incredibly effective—tool

By Jill Harkins

Business for Good: Dorothy

A Penn alum’s startup helps regular folks predict flooding—something climate change will make more necessary than ever

By Courtney DuChene

Guest Commentary: Remember Philly

As college students prepare to return to local campuses, a recent Penn alum reflects on how they can—and should—give back to the city that gives them so much

By Rebecca Heilweil