Teach Your Students, Penn

Campus protests over the Israel/Hamas war point to an opportunity for elite universities. Can Penn seize the moment?

By Larry Platt

The War Comes to the Penn Boardroom

Wealthy Jewish donors in revolt. Pro-Palestinian students shouting vile things. A university President embattled. Isn’t this just what the terrorists want?

By Larry Platt

The Return of Judith Rodin

The former Penn President just joined the Hilco advisory board. Here’s why she’s excited about the Bellwether District in Southwest Philly

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Honoring Penn’s Once-Overlooked Nobel Prize Winner

Katalin Karikó and her research partner did the science that led to the Covid-19 vaccine. A ​​longtime university president suggests lessons we should take from her story

By Elaine Maimon

Why PA Must Fund our Public Universities

Disparities in higher ed lead to societal inequities and damage our democracy. That’s why, a longtime university president urges, our state must do better

By Elaine Maimon

Meet Philadelphia’s Cosmic Writers

This nonprofit brings out the creative writer in school-age students in Philly and beyond. In a city with an abysmal literacy rate, these efforts are paying off.

By Courtney DuChene

Art for Change: The Duality Painter

Patricia Renee’ Thomas’ vibrant paintings portraying Black women and nature balance reality and hope. Here, in the latest Forman Arts Initiative partnership, how she learned and teaches her students to do the same, in art and in life

By Logan Cryer

Can Local Colleges Please Just Work Together?

A long-time university president calls on Philly’s higher education institutions to collaborate to better serve the needs of Philadelphia students.

By Elaine Maimon