How To End Our Garbage Deluge

Philly already has two simple, inexpensive solutions to our city’s trash crisis. Will Philly’s leaders finally step up?

By Nick Russo

Citizens of the Week: Cobbs Creek Park Cleanups

How a retired Philly high school science teacher started an all-volunteer anti-litter operation in Cobbs Creek Park

By Nick Russo

Reality Check: One Word to Fix Philly’s Trash Crisis? Invest.

Illegal dumping sites like the one Ya Fav Trashman tried to clean up last month are a product of longtime disinvestment in Black neighborhoods. WURD’s mid-day host challenges the city to match Ya Fav’s commitment.

By Charles D. Ellison

Potholes, Litter and Customer Service

Amid a tsunami of crises, there’s still a way for Jim Kenney to turn things around and bring the city back: Become a quality-of-life mayor

By Larry Platt

Generation Change Philly: The Cleaner-Upper

How Terrill Haigler (a.k.a. Ya Fav Trashman), a former Philly sanitation worker with a gift for organizing—and for social media—became one of Filthadelphia’s most beloved and recognizable change-makers 

By Christine Speer Lejeune

Surprise! Trash Pickup Is Terrible

Philly 3.0’s engagement director breaks down the City Controller’s new report on trash pickup during the pandemic. Spoiler: Even garbage collection varies by neighborhood

By Jon Geeting

Use. Repurpose. Repeat.

Circular Philadelphia is working to eliminate landfills by constantly repurposing our waste. Could it also be an avenue to economic growth in Philly?

By Thomas Koenig

“Lyft for Litter”

Philly is still the only big city without widespread street cleaning. A new app from MilkCrate and Ya Fav Trashman is stepping in to pay individuals a living wage to help clean up.

By Courtney DuChene