The Virus and the City: Keeping Parasitic Capital Away from Our Homes

Corporate investment disproportionately affected Black families’ ability to buy a house, the single most important component of wealth in the US. Drexel’s Metro Finance head lays out what we must do to fix this

By Bruce Katz and Lori Bamberger

The Economic Gift That Keeps On Giving

In a speech last week, Drexel’s Metro Finance head laid out ways that cities across the globe can use the post-pandemic “New Disorder” to make innovative, sustainable and much-needed progress

By Bruce Katz

The Virus and the City: A Better Way to Spend Covid Relief Funds

Drexel's Metro Finance Lab head on how four cities are allocating billions of federal dollars for inclusive growth. Philly, are you paying attention?

By Bruce Katz, Michael Tolan, Colin Higgins and Karyn Bruggeman

The Virus and the City: The Key To Inclusive Business Recovery

How cities and states use federal rescue funds to spark recovery can be the difference between success and failure, Drexel’s Metro Finance head says. Here, learnings Philly should heed.

By Bruce Katz, Ian O'Grady, Michael Tolan and Colin HIggins

The Virus and the City: A Tool for Equitable Recovery

Drexel’s Metro Finance Lab and Accelerator for America offer a roadmap to help cities grow minority- and women-owned businesses. Are you paying attention, Philly?

By Bruce Katz, Victoria Orozco, Colin Higgins and Aaron Thomas

The Virus and the City: Deploying the American Rescue

Drexel’s Metro Finance Lab director on how cities should use the new Covid relief funds to bring efficient and equitable change to communities

By Bruce Katz and Colin Higgins

The Virus and the City: How Innovation Districts Can Lead Inclusive Recovery

Drexel’s Metro Finance director lays out a proposal for equitable economic growth that capitalizes on tech hubs, like Philly’s thriving medical industry. Can the federal government make it happen?

By Bruce Katz, Bob Geolas and Julie Wagner

The Virus and the City: What’s Next for Latin-Owned Businesses?

Drexel’s Metro Finance Lab director on lessons learned from three U.S. cities about how minority-owned firms can come back stronger from Covid-19

By Bruce Katz, Victoria Orozco, Domenika Lynch and Colin Higgins