The Citizen Recommends: Why Andrew Sullivan Matters Now

The author and free thinker joins us next Tuesday, September 21, for a virtual event. His defense of liberal democracy, pluralism and free speech is needed now more than ever

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Recommends: Moving Education Forward

Philly schools need innovation and innovators—TEDxIntrepidAveED, a virtual gathering on May 15th, will strive to enable and empower both.

By Jessica Blatt Press

The Citizen Recommends: “Dear President Biden”

American Values, Religious Voices—a campaign that creates pathways for civic discourse—will come to the stage on Monday with a live virtual performance and conversation

By Jessica Blatt Press

The Citizen Recommends: Iron Sharpens Iron

The podcast, launching today from two community organizers, aims to empower every citizen to improve our city, one front stoop at a time

By Jessica Blatt Press

Citizen Recommends: Draw To Action Coloring Book

A local creative agency has found a way to support the artists and local organizations who make Philly better

By Nick Fiorellini

The Citizen Recommends: Beethoven in Beijing

A soaring new documentary from Sam Katz's History Making Productions explores the Philadelphia Orchestra’s role in the revival of classical music in China almost 50 years ago ... and the lasting global impact today

By Christine Speer Lejeune

The Citizen Recommends: Art for Social Justice

“Points of Connection”—a collection of 10 portraits by the DA’s first-ever artist-in-residence—offers a moving look at the people impacted by, and impacting, our justice system

By Christine Speer Lejeune

The Citizen Recommends: The Grain Train

Grains of all varieties are finally having their “hay” day—and for good reason. Chefs and farmers at Sunday’s event will demonstrate their value, to health, the planet and, most of all, taste

By Jessica Blatt Press