The Citizen Recommends: Women Build It

The next in our Development … for Good series explores how a city designed by and for women could transform Philadelphia

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Citizen Recommends: Cleaning in the House of Healing

Theater of Witness’s new show tells the stories of overlooked frontline workers: environmental services technicians

By Angie Bacha

The Citizen Recommends: The Truth About Immigration Book Event

A Wharton professor will share 20 years of research about the benefits of immigration for all of us at a Welcoming Center event on June 4

By Delaney Parks

The Citizen Recommends: The Return of Rad Girls!

The Citizen is partnering with the original rad girl, Leah Kauffman, to bring back her annual celebration of kickass Philadelphia women who are making this rad city even more rad for all

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Citizen Recommends: The Sicilian Inheritance

In her new Philly novel, bestselling author and podcaster Jo Piazza explores a century-old murder, women’s strengths — and her own unresolved family mystery. Then, she turned it into a true crime podcast

By Olivia Kram

The Citizen Recommends: Embracing the Light

Mural Arts Philadelphia and First Person Arts have partnered on a community project that explores the pain of suicide through theater and art. See the performance on March 16

By Natalie Pompilio

The Citizen Recommends: Pardon Me

Shuja Moore’s short film about the benefits — to all of us — of pardons for returning citizens screens Monday in West Philly

By Rachel Wisniewski

The Citizen Recommends: “Talking” To Your Dead Loved Ones

A Rail Park installation allows a grieving local writer to call her deceased parents and convey thoughts that are “carried by the wind.”

By Natalie Pompilio