The Citizen Recommends: Total Impact Summit

This year, ImpactPHL’s event focuses on investing in new economies to propel our city forward. Join them to learn how you can use your money to build a better city

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Bailing Out Moms

More than 80 percent of women in Philly jails are awaiting trial. Help the People’s Paper Co-op pay their bail in time for Mother’s Day — then, welcome them home

By Lauren McCutcheon and Jessica Blatt Press

The Citizen Recommends: “Black Talk, a Language Deferred”

Philadelphia photographer Danielle Morris, who will speak in University City Thursday, on her self-driven pursuit of fine art photography and the cultural reframing of Black speech

By Lauren McCutcheon

The Citizen Recommends: Opportunity Summit

Harvard economist Raj Chetty will delve into what Philly needs to alleviate poverty at a United Way event this week. Here, he talks with the nonprofit’s CEO Bill Golderer about the key to financial opportunity

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Citizen Recommends: Short Films From Kensington, North Philly, and Germantown

The Bryn Mawr Film Institute’s documentary film series aims to showcase the culture, community, and good works of often overlooked Philly neighborhoods

By Christina Griffith

The Citizen Recommends: War Words

This Veterans Day, Philly’s InterAct Theatre is among seven U.S. venues to stage a play culled from real vets’ stories about life in, and after, service to our country

By Jessica Blatt Press

The Citizen Recommends: Why Andrew Sullivan Matters Now

The author and free thinker joins us next Tuesday, September 21, for a virtual event. His defense of liberal democracy, pluralism and free speech is needed now more than ever

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Recommends: Moving Education Forward

Philly schools need innovation and innovators—TEDxIntrepidAveED, a virtual gathering on May 15th, will strive to enable and empower both.

By Jessica Blatt Press