Can Temple Recover its Public Image?

The just-ended graduate union strike was the latest blow to the university, which has seen violence and disarray the last several months

By Olivia Kram

Can Temple Keep Its People Safe?

Officer Christopher Fitzgerald’s murder came 15 months after the university’s last high-profile killing. Students, parents and staff are searching for solutions

By Mensah M. Dean

The Real Problem at Temple … Isn’t Just Temple’s

The issue, a long-time university president laments, is the exploitation of graduate students at colleges

By Elaine Maimon

Guest Commentary: Memo to Superintendent Tony Watlington

A longtime educator with a piece of advice for the still-new chief of the Philadelphia School District: Start with trust

By Peshe Kuriloff

A New Gun Violence Narrative

A study by a Temple trauma surgeon looks at the damaging effects of daily crime reporting on victims of gun violence. A bigger question remains: Would changing the news decrease shootings?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Does Philly Crime Deter Prospective College Students?

A young Philadelphian chose a suburban college over a Philly one in order to feel and be safe for the next four years. Other students will follow suit if our city doesn’t get a handle on crime.

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Constructing a Community of Fathers

Eric Marsh parlayed his own fathering experience into forming Fathering Circle, an arts-focused support group that helps men in Philadelphia be their best parenting selves

By James Peterson

Citizen of the Week: Rosalind Pichardo

The founder of Operation Save Our City also works in Temple's ER as a trauma victims' advocate, and has administered Narcan to 900 people in Kensington ...

By Christina Griffith