Philly’s Fiercest Advocates

YEAH Philly provides 400 youth a year with a safe space and opportunities to change the course of their lives and their community. Is it a blueprint for moving our city forward?

By Jessica Blatt Press

Who is Joanna McClinton?

The young, reform-minded, Black Philadelphia Democrat is the first woman Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

Who is David Oh?

The three-term At-Large Councilmember is the lone Republican running for Mayor of Philadelphia

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

Guest Commentary: Voting Today Matters Tomorrow

Even one vote in one election matters. Even better, says a Harrisburg leader, is making voting a habit from a young age

By Joanna McClinton

Generation Change Philly: The Fearless Artist

Raheem “King” Saladeen has unlocked opportunities around the world with his artwork—including his ubiquitous “JP The Money Bear.” But his heart belongs to the city that raised him and the late friend who believed in him

By Jessica Blatt Press

Residents vs. Taney Street

In the wake of last year’s racial awakening, a group of engaged Taney Street residents sought to shed the racist history of the name. Here’s how they’re doing it

By Thomas Koenig

Guest Commentary: How to Fix the PES Refinery Mess

A Drexel University class studied ways to mitigate what happens to Philly’s PES refinery site. Here, a student lays out proposals to benefit those who most need it: Philly residents

By Benjamin Winkler

“I Grew That!”

Bartram’s Farm sows the seeds of success in local teens and brings fresh produce to the Southwest Philly food desert

By Emma Copley Eisenberg