It’s the Pragmatism, Stupid!

We asked 15 historians to rank Philly's leaders throughout time. As Election Day approaches, our mayoral candidates — and voters — could learn a lot from the results

By Larry Platt

Your City Defined: Home Rule Charter

Michael Nutter asked mayoral candidate Jeff Brown at a Citizen forum if he’d ever fully read the city’s governing document. Which made us wonder: Just what is it?

By Lauren McCutcheon

Ed Rendell, Unlikely Reformer

On the eve of the 2023 mayor’s race, a new book by a renowned Drexel professor and grandson of a legendary mayor charts how change happens in Philly. In this excerpt, one man’s force of will in the 90s averts catastrophe

By Richardson Dilworth

Ain’t No Party Like A Home Rule Charter Party

Our local constitution hasn’t been updated for nearly 70 years. The Citizen and Drexel University are partnering on a course that asks: Isn’t it about time for a refresh?

By Larry Platt

Week 1: Mike Quick’s Eagles Civic Season

This week, the Eagles announcer and former wide receiver, with help from a Drexel professor, looks at how Philly stacks up against Atlanta—on and off the field

By Mike Quick and Professor Richardson Dilworth

Connor Barwin’s Civic Season

A season of civic matchups proved Philly is on the upswing

By Connor Barwin

Week 16: Connor Barwin’s Civic Season

This week, the all-pro linebacker and citizen activist measures how our civic health stacks up against Washington, D.C.

By Connor Barwin

Your City Defined: Percent For Arts Program

This is the reason you can meet your friends at the Clothespin.

By Rosella LeFevre