Guest Commentary: It’s Time to Make Our Party Their Party

A lifelong Republican and one-time candidate reminds his fellow party members of what new Americans most want: To know they belong

By Guy Ciarrocchi

Listen: Ali Velshi on Why Michigan GOP Infighting is Cause for Concern

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member discusses the threat to democracy posed by the chaos in the Michigan GOP ahead of its presidential primary

By Ali Velshi

Who’s on Philadelphia City Council?

Meet all 17 members of the city's legislative body, representing Philly at-large and by district

By Katherine Rapin and The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

Listen: Ali Velshi on Trump, The Wannabe One-Day Dictator

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member Ali Velshi says Trump's double-down on being dictator for a day is a blunt authoritarian threat

By Ali Velshi

Guest Commentary: Right About Unions

If Republicans want to be the party of the working class, they must make common cause with an important working class institution: unions.

By George Hofmann

More Age Diversity, Please

A young local public policy professional says adding term limits would cycle out politicians who’ve overstayed their welcome — and invite new, younger leaders into the legislative mix

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Really? Republicans Are Philly’s Biggest Problem?

Amid the handwringing over the Council campaigns of Working Families Party candidates Kendra Brooks and Nicolas O’Rourke, few have asked them: What’s the political rationale for their insurgency?

By Larry Platt

What’s the Problem with David Oh?

The Republican mayoral candidate is a nice guy with progressive values, governing experience and Philly pride. And yet …

By Lauren McCutcheon