A New Reality for Pennsylvania Republicans

The state’s GOP has taken a lot of hits over the last few years. A local Republican wonders if his party can adapt

By Guy Ciarrocchi

“Hypocrisy and Internal Moral Conflict”

Civic leader Osagie Imasogie joined the Union League for its inspiring patriotic mission. Twenty years later, he resigned because of what he sees as its leadership's anti-American bent. Here, he gives a rare glimpse inside the storied institution

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

LISTEN: How to Really Run a City — and be Nonpartisan

On episode 4 of The Citizen’s podcast, hosts Michael Nutter, Kasim Reed and Larry Platt talk with Republican OKC Mayor David Holt, who models pragmatism like no other leader today

By Jessica Blatt Press

Who’s Running for Philadelphia City Council?

We’ve got your list of primary incumbents and challengers for City Council right here.

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

Michael Eric Dyson’s Black History Month All Stars

All Star#17: Ethel Allen

By Michael Eric Dyson

The Union League Stands Strong …

…against decency. The elite social club had a chance to rescind plans to give Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis its highest award. Instead, DeSantis will be honored today. What does that say about who they — and we — are?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Listen: Ali Velshi on the Culture of Corruption in Congress

The MSNBC host asks: Why are Republicans trying to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics?

By Ali Velshi

Brian Fitzpatrick For Speaker of the House?

What do the Bucks County Republican, Bono and ex-Congressman Charlie Dent all have in common? Maybe a way to calm Washington’s raging culture wars

By Larry Platt