Six Lessons from the Republicans’ Disastrous Midterm Elections

The promised red wave never happened. What should Philadelphia — and all — Republicans learn from the midterms?

By Andy Bloom

Listen: Ali Velshi on Pre-Election Inflation Conflation

MSNBC host and Citizen Board Member Ali Velshi breaks down inflation numbers worldwide. The Right likes to hurl criticisms, but they have no actual solutions.

By Ali Velshi

Are We Still A Union League Town?

The elite social club plans to award Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis its highest award. What does that say about who they — and we — are?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Guest Commentary: Praising the Non-Endorsers of Doug Mastriano

A Republican supporter of Democrat Josh Shapiro on what passes for a bit of courage among his fellow state party members this election season

By Craig Snyder

New Blood: Matt Wolfe is Mad As Hell and Not Going To Take It Anymore

The longtime Republican gadfly has been tweaking the establishment of both parties for years. As an at-large candidate for City Council, he has declared war on the status quo

By Larry Platt

How Gerrymandering Got Its Groove On

Author David Daley on how the practice came to be, how Pennsylvania is ground zero for it, and how reform is finally on the way

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Who Will Be Our Next Leader?

The Republican party has a generational opportunity…but it needs to reject racism, the Alt-Right and Donald Trump

By Seth Berger

Ideas We Should Steal: Ranked Choice Voting

How Donald Trump’s almost certain nomination highlights our broken voting system

By Stephen St. Vincent