Listen: The State — and Future — of Policing in Cities

The latest episode of our How to Really Run a City podcast presents the final installment of an in-depth conversation between legendary Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey and co-hosts Kasim Reed, Michael Nutter, and Larry Platt

By Jessica Blatt Press

Is the PPD Transparent Now?

In the aftermath of January’s police killing of Andrew Spencer, the Philadelphia Police Department did something kind of unheard of in the recent past. Could this be … change?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Guest Commentary: The 3 Numbers Everyone Must Know

An educator and community organizer urges state legislators to pass a bill to raise awareness of, funding for and police integration with mental health service hotline 988

By Vanessa Meng

Listen: Gang Wars and Good Data

In the newest installment of How to Really Run a City, The Citizen’s acclaimed podcast, legendary Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey returns for a powerful conversation about public safety.

By Jessica Blatt Press

Listen: Tuxes, Blackberries and the Key to Effective Policing

In the first of this two-part episode of the How to Really Run a City podcast, former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey shares how he helped oversee a record low crime rate — and how more leaders can do the same

By Jessica Blatt Press

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2023: Police Reform with Charles Ramsey

Philadelphia’s former top cop, a forerunner of transparency and equity in policing, will talk about the future of serving and protecting with former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed on November 17

By Lauren McCutcheon

Guest Commentary: Officer Mark Dial Should Stand Trial

A legal expert explains why Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge Wendy L. Pew was wrong to dismiss charges against the cop who killed Eddie Irizarry — and why we should also see a silver lining

By Timothy Golden

Who Should Replace Danielle Outlaw?

Philly’s police commissioner announced her resignation this week. Here, some candidates the next mayor should consider, and why

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy