Ideas We Should Steal Revisited: Giving Locally

Philadelphia is among the least charitable regions in the country. Could a local version of Giving Tuesday, like they have in Austin, be the answer?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Full-Circle Support

The Philadelphia Black Giving Circle supports Black-led, Black-serving nonprofits while disrupting the field of philanthropy

By Katherine Rapin

Citizens of the Week: Project W

Philanthropic giving circles are all the rage. Three local women focused their all-female group on aiding—and volunteering for—Delaware County nonprofits

By Jessica Blatt Press

Green-Lighting Change

Poverty-fighting programs have spent millions in Philly—but the numbers of poor people remain high. GreenLight Fund supports data-based programs that have proven to make a real difference

By Jessica Blatt Press

Michael Rubin’s Challenge

Catching up with the billionaire who has raised in excess of $26 million to combat food insecurity during the pandemic. Now, about those ABCs…

By Larry Platt

Giving Well

Geneva Global, a certified B Corp, brings a business mindset to big money philanthropy to spread change around the globe

By Jill Harkins

Guest Commentary: Let’s Get To Average

The Founder of Fairmount Ventures calls on Philadelphians, who give among the lowest to charity in the country, to do just a little better—for all our sakes

By Don Kligerman

Small Groups Moving Mountains

Bread & Roses Community Fund launches a project that proves philanthropy isn’t just for rich people and foundations—it’s available to every citizen who cares about changing their world

By Emma Copley Eisenberg