Ideas We Should Steal: AI in Government (No, Really!)

Earlier this month, Sheriff Rochelle Bilal showcased how public officials should not deploy Artificial Intelligence. But like other cities, we can harness the new technology for good

By Malcolm Burnley

Guest Commentary: New Direction on Law Enforcement in Philly? Don’t Be So Sure.

Parker makes a politically safe pick for Police Commissioner, the re-elected Sheriff continues to be an embarrassment, and the SEPTA and Temple Police Departments struggle for survival.

By A. Benjamin Mannes

Your City Defined: Sheriff’s Office

Here’s a breakdown — and a little history — about the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office

By J.P. Romney

Guest Commentary: How the Next Mayor can Make Vacant Land Work for Philly

The Land Bank law makes it easy for the city to buy up foreclosed properties. A former city official on how that could be a tool for community-minded development

By John Kromer

“Our Children’s Killers Are Still Out There”

The police, DA and Sheriff’s Office have kicked off a new partnership to track down known homicide suspects. Will it help assuage the frustration of victims’ families?

By Mensah M. Dean

Row Office Revolt?

No, we’re not likely to get rid of the corruption-prone Sheriff's Office anytime soon. But a former city official has a solution for ensuring the office does right by residents.

By Lauren Vidas

Guest Commentary: Make this Sheriff the Last Sheriff

Another scandal prompts a former city official—and one-time candidate for the job—to call for getting the Sheriff’s Office out of the City’s real estate business

By John Kromer

The Shame of the Sheriff’s Race

Two women, both African American, are running to unseat accused sexual harasser Sheriff Jewell Williams this year. Did you even know?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy