Poverty Is Not Fashion

Why new fashion trends are insulting to poor people and how to actually help them

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Guest Commentary: Six Ways Schools Can Better Serve Students

The heads of two local youth organizations asked students what they needed to feel safe and well-served in schools. Here, some solutions to fix what ails the system

By Darryl Bundrige and Donna Cooper

Citizens of the Week: Brent Johnstone and Akeiff Staples

We’ve all heard the research: Early literacy is critical to success. Two fathers do their part to help Philadelphia’s early learners develop a lifelong love of reading — and of themselves

By Johann Calhoun

Guest Commentary: We Need Fact Over Fiction in Education

Yes, teachers are underpaid, a longtime schools advocate says in response to a Citizen column about education funding. But that’s not the fault of charters

By Mark Gleason

Guest Commentary: Philly’s Crime Problem is Not Just Larry Krasner’s Fault

The co-founder and retired CEO of Boys’ Latin, now a senior fellow at a free-market public policy think tank, looks to teachers union President Jerry Jordan and decades of failing our students

By David P. Hardy

Vote for School Boards That Protect Democracy

A long-time college president sees a cautionary tale in the recent Pennridge (Bucks County) school board vote to scale back social studies

By Elaine Maimon

Guest Commentary: Why I’m Running for City Council At-Large

“Ya Fav Trashman” says there’s more to his candidacy than just cleaning up the city

By Terrill Haigler

Building a (Good) Teacher Pipeline

Can a four-year residency model ensure new teachers stay in the district? A Baltimore-based program that launched in Philly this year is betting on it.

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy