The (Vote) Play’s The (Vote) Thing

PA Youth Vote and activist theater company Just Act are using drama to activate the newest generation of voters. What can we learn from them on Voter Registration Day?

By Sarah Jordan

Guest Commentary: Attention High School Students — Get Your Free Art Here

The executive director of Art-Reach touts STAMP, the under-used citywide program that gives all 62,000 Philadelphia high school students free admission to 20 of the city’s top museums and attractions

By John Orr

Future-Ready: What Really Matters in Education?

It might not be what you think, according to a future of work expert. Here, her lessons learned in 20 years of navigating the schools landscape in and around Philly

By Anne Gemmell

Ideas We Should Steal: Mental Health Days for Philly Students

Twelve U.S. states allow school kids to take excused days off for emotional well-being. PA should too

By Courtney DuChene

Why The New School Year Offers Reasons for Hope

Educators on how the school year that starts today in Philly could be one that makes the new normal better than normal

By Lauren McCutcheon

How to Help Schools, Students and Teachers

Donate food or money for uniforms, share your expertise, provide reading help and more ways you can support schools in Philadelphia during the 2022-23 school year

By Jessica Blatt Press

Guest Commentary: Excellent Education Isn’t For the Select Few

Philly’s selective schools are not enough to ensure every child receives the education they deserve. A longtime Philly educator on what more we must do

By David P. Hardy

Guest Commentary: School Lotteries Are Not the Answer

Equity, a former Temple education professor notes, is not a zero-sum game that some lucky children win and others lose

By Peshe Kuriloff