Why Philly Still Needs Streateries

City Council is considering making the Covid-outdoor dining scene permanent in Philly. That’s great news for local businesses.

By Jon Geeting

The Best Outdoor Dining in Philadelphia

Our guide to Philly's amazing "streatery" scene highlights some of the most beautiful spots in town to eat and drink under the stars this fall

By Josh Middleton and Katherine Rapin

Watch: The Future of Restaurants

An all-star lineup of local and national chefs and restaurateurs joined The Citizen to discuss how the pandemic has forever changed restaurants—and what diners can do to support the industry that fed us through the most trying of times

By Jessica Blatt Press

“Restaurants May No Longer Be Restaurants”

A national food writer looks at what a pandemic reset could mean for an industry long in need of reinvention. Join her, Fork’s Ellen Yin, Hip City Veg’s Nicole Marquis, Baltimore's Irena Stein and Brooklyn’s Sean Feeney for an event this month.

By Jane Black

A Brand, Not Just a Restaurant

Center City’s Tria Cafe brought back its beloved Fermentation School (virtually) to help it survive the pandemic. Who needs tables anyway?

By Jonathan Deutsch

Citizen of The Week: Gail Kotel

The local artist is drawing attention to the economic crisis in the restaurant industry and the environmental impact of our disposable culture through her new portrait series on takeout containers

By Christina Griffith

All Philly Restaurant Menus to Contain the Word “Jawn”

Mayor James “Jimmy Jawn” Kenney threatens to shut down dining again if restaurants fail to comply

By Sarah Maiellano

Will Pop-Ups Save Philly’s Food Scene?

It’s getting harder for independent restaurants to survive. Could the sharing economy of pop-ups help preserve diversity in our food businesses?

By Maddy Sweitzer-Lamme