Fun Things to Do in Philly this Weekend

Man, it's good to be in Philadelphia this week and weekend, what with Pride, The Roots Picnic, block parties and strawberries

By Emma Riverso and Lauren McCutcheon

The Citizen Recommends: In Color Birding Club

The intentionally welcoming outdoors club celebrates birding season with events in spring, fall (and other seasons too) — for all people

By Kiersten A. Adams

Ideas We Should Steal: Clean Up Trash With Pro Sports Teams

The Memphis Grizzlies loaned its NBA star power to get citizens competing to pick up litter. Could a Philly “Litter League” help clean up our streets, too?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Integrity Icon 2023: Who is Your Public “Fun Hero?”

We’re looking for the parks, pools, arts, more happy-making people who fill our city with joy. Nominate a City worker as an Integrity Icon by March 31

By Jessica Blatt Press

Shot on the Job

Two City workers were shot and killed on the job last year, while several others were threatened. The Trace looks at how the City of Philadelphia is responding

By Mensah M. Dean

Guest Commentary: The FDR Park Plan is the Game Changer We Need

Three local coaches weigh in on the controversy over the plan to replace South Philly’s Meadows with playing fields

By Warren Abbott, Amos Huron and Luise Uribe

What The Inquirer Got Wrong About FDR Park

A recent editorial declared support for remaking the South Philly park as an outdoor turf sports complex. That is not what we really need

By Lauren McCutcheon

Save Soccer. Save Suffolk Park.

Philly’s most talented African soccer players play in Suffolk Park. City Hall touts their successes in the Unity Cup. So why can’t Philly give this park a little help?

By Kai Englisch