Honey, Council Shrunk The Mayor

Mayor Kenney ended 2021 complaining that he’s responsible for things that are out of his control. Council President Darrell Clarke sees a power vacuum. Is that a good thing?

By Larry Platt

Will City Council Save Our Streateries?

A new bill would make it easier to build outdoor dining setups in Philadelphia. But, as Philly 3.0's engagement director notes, those rules mostly apply to the whitest, wealthiest neighborhoods.

By Jon Geeting

Why Won’t Darrell Clarke Support Affordable Housing?

The Council president, with buy-in from colleagues, blocked the transfer of city land to low-income housing nonprofit Habitat for Humanity in order to maintain a parking lot. Where are his progressive principles now?

By Jon Geeting

Drawing the Lines

With City Council redistricting kicking off this fall, Philadelphia 3.0's director of engagement wonders: Will we be looking at contentious debates as members vie to hold onto their strongest voting blocs?

By Jon Geeting

The $100 Million Gamble

Council is pushing the mayor to spend $100 million on gun violence prevention programs. Is that bold policy-making or the appearance of it?

By Larry Platt

How Philly Should Use Biden’s Relief Funds

As Drexel’s Metro Finance head told City Council last week, City Hall must prioritize growth that benefits all. Here, four takeaways from the testimony

By Bruce Katz, Colin Higgins, Karyn Bruggerman and Victoria Orozco

Guest Commentary: We Need A Gun Violence “Marshall Plan”

Last week, The Citizen’s co-founder put out a call for new ideas to stop the shootings in Philly. City Council’s public safety chair responds with some steps to consider.

By Curtis Jones

The Fix: How To Reform The City Charter

Our Drexel class on rewriting Philly’s constitution last year produced dozens of ideas. Here are some of the best for changing the relationship between government and the governed.

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy