Did Voters Make Neighborhood Development Better?

The ballot measure Philadelphians passed last month could be the start of needed reforms to the role community groups play in creating more housing for more people

By Malcolm Burnley

Your City Defined: The City Budget

Mayor Parker kicked off budget season with her $6 billion budget proposal to City Council. Here’s what that means, and what happens now

By J.P. Romney

Mark Squilla Loves The Process

The fate of the 76ers arena rests on one person’s shoulders (hint: it’s not our new mayor). Is this any way to run a city?

By Malcolm Burnley

Who is Nicolas O’Rourke?

The freshman At-Large member of Philadelphia City Council is a member of the progressive Working Families Party — and a minister by trade. He’s giving the progressive response to President Biden’s State of the Union on March 7

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

How To Up Your (Primary) Election Day Game

April 23 is Primary Election Day in Philadelphia. You voted. Or, you’re going to. There is still more you can do

By Lauren McCutcheon and Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Dawn of the Kenyatta Era

Is the new president of Philadelphia City Council a new boss, or same as the old boss?

By Larry Platt

Who’s on Philadelphia City Council?

Meet all 17 members of the city's legislative body, representing Philly at-large and by district

By Katherine Rapin and The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

2023 Election: Who Won in Philadelphia

On November 7, Philly (some of us, at least) voted. Here's our list of winners and losers for Mayor, City Council, judges, and more

By Julie Platt and The Citizen Staff