What The Inquirer Got Wrong About FDR Park

A recent editorial declared support for remaking the South Philly park as an outdoor turf sports complex. That is not what we really need

By Lauren McCutcheon

How to End the Endless Fuss Over FDR Park

The plan for Philadelphia’s largest neighborhood park has prompted a contentious fight, South Philly style. Could the answer be as simple as a walk in the park?

By Lauren McCutcheon

Philadelphia Integrity Icon 2022: Meet Winner Lori Hayes

The director of urban forestry at Parks and Rec is in charge of planting the trees that make our city more beautiful and livable—and making tree-centric programs accessible to all

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Foodizen: Composting in the City

Philadelphians dump 400,000 tons of food and yard scraps into the landfill every year. A city community composting pilot is working to put that waste to good use

By Katherine Rapin

Citizen of the Week: Angela Beale-Tawfeeq

A Rowan University professor created a program to teach children in urban communities how to swim. She’s co-hosting a Philly aquatics symposium this month

By Hadiyah Weaver

Beer to the Rescue

Philly’s Parks on Tap has revived interest in some city parks. Now the city of Memphis has stolen the idea for its own civic purpose

By Allen McDuffee

The Citizen Recommends: Movies in the Park

A summer-long initiative brings outdoor film screenings to little-known parks across Philly—boosting interest in our green spaces and encouraging community-building across neighborhoods.

By Josh Middleton