Your Guide to the Philadelphia Primary Election on May 16

Who's running for Mayor? City Council? Commissioners? Controller? Judges? We've got you covered, Philadelphia voters

By Kelson Northeimer, Julie Platt, and Citizen Staff

Ideas We Should Steal: A Better Way to Select Judges

Pennsylvania is one of eight states that elects judges through partisan elections, inviting political cronyism and incompetence into our courts. Does Missouri offer a better way?

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Guest Commentary: What’s Next for School Funding

A longtime state politics watcher weighs in on the “morally necessary court decision” that could mean more money for local schools — but not without a fight

By Charlie Bacas

Michael Eric Dyson’s Black History Month All Stars

All-Star #6: Robert N.C. Nix Jr.

By Michael Eric Dyson

The Color of Law: The Rise of the Philadelphia Black Lawyer

A longtime legal legend created a detailed timeline of Black lawyers in America. Here, a look at how A. Leon Higginbotham intersected with that timeline — and made history himself

By Carl Singley

Guest Commentary: A Trust for the People

A year after a landmark state Supreme Court decision, a state politics watcher says we are on the cusp of broad environmental reform—funded by Marcellus Shale

By Charlie Bacas

Ballot Bait and Switch

A state Supreme Court decision last week allows a disingenuous and misleading question to appear on the November ballot. How is tricking voters good politics?

By Stephen St. Vincent

Kathleen Kane: Welcome to Justice, Keystone State Style

Kathleen Kane may be removed from office even before a trial on her alleged crimes—for which she may be acquitted

By Larry Platt