“A Caress to the Soul”

The Philadelphia Lullaby Project, launched this year by Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute with World Cafe Live, strengthens bonds among parents, babies and communities

By Jessica Blatt Press

America, Dude! Learn from Black Lives

For our nation to heal, we must open our ears and hearts to the messages our young people are sending us

By Lorene Cary

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2020: How Art Can Change the World

Join The Citizen in December to hear from Jane Golden, Shepherd Fairey, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, Hank Willis Thomas, and many more

By Christine Speer Lejeune

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2020: “Things That Matter”

With Hill-Freedman World Academy’s fourth album, students weave the anguish of 2020 into powerful new music

By Jessica Blatt Press

The Citizen Recommends: “Compilation of Love”

A new album featuring Philly musicians is raising money for Women Against Abuse and the survivors of intimate partner violence who rely on the organization’s life-saving services

By Jessica Blatt Press

The Citizen Recommends: Love From Philly

Covid-19 has shut down Philly’s music venues. But this week’s three-day streaming concert proves it can’t shut down the music

By Jessica Blatt Press

Ideas We Should Steal: Harmony Project

The Columbus, OH, nonprofit connects people across lines of difference to sing and to serve more than 60,000 volunteer hours per year. Is there room in Philly for something similar?

By Jill Harkins

The Citizen Updates Podcast: REC Philly

The music incubator has a new membership model and a new hub at Fashion District. We talk to co-founder Will Toms about the future of creative work in Philly and beyond.

By Dillon Sweigart