Listen: Ali Velshi on Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Youth

MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member says most Americans don't know anyone who's trans, yet many oppose the most common and life-saving healthcare for trans youth — because they don't know what it is

By Ali Velshi

Guest Commentary: Applause for CCP Teachers

Community College teachers are opening minds and changing lives. It's time, a former Temple professor urges, we treated them with the respect they deserve

By Christina Hasaan and Sara Goldrick-Rab

Bucks County vs. Big Tech

Studies show TikTok and other social media apps cause mental harm to teens and pose a danger to the rest of us. Can action by a group of local officials curb their influence?

By Andy Bloom

Guest Commentary: How will the Next Mayor Address Mental Illness?

Local mental health advocates call on mayoral candidates to address the underlying issue that affects, crime, drugs, homelessness and growth

By Marc Pomper and Elizabeth Sinclair Hancq

What We Can Learn From John Fetterman

The Senator’s public admission of his mental health struggles sends an important signal — especially, a young Philadelphian argues, for other men

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Guest Commentary: Six Ways Schools Can Better Serve Students

The heads of two local youth organizations asked students what they needed to feel safe and well-served in schools. Here, some solutions to fix what ails the system

By Darryl Bundrige and Donna Cooper

Guest Commentary: PA Adults with Autism Deserve More

Pennsylvania has among the fewest housing options for people with intellectual disabilities. That, a mother, scholar and advocate notes, causes them harm — and wastes all of our money

By Amy Lutz

Listen: Ali Velshi on Mental Health Care — and Eric Adams’ Policy

MSNBC host and Citizen Board Member Ali Velshi breaks down the policy of hospitalizing mentally ill persons against their will — and explains why we still wrestle with it today

By Ali Velshi