The Progressive Allergy to Solutions

Spurred by the Meek Mill case, a bipartisan bill in Harrisburg would once again take on state probation reform. So why do progressive organizations like the ACLU prefer maintaining the status quo … to actually fixing the problem?

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Recommends: REFORM Alliance Community Day of Action

Meek Mill’s probation reform group is celebrating Second Chances Month with an event for returning citizens Saturday. All are welcome to show up and work for change

By Jessica Blatt Press

Real Criminal Justice Reform

Catching up with Robert Rooks, CEO of Michael Rubin and Meek Mill’s REFORM Alliance, on its new campaign to take on our broken parole and probation system

By Larry Platt

Michael Rubin’s Challenge

Catching up with the billionaire who has raised in excess of $26 million to combat food insecurity during the pandemic. Now, about those ABCs…

By Larry Platt

Deconstructing Meek Mill

The case against him may be over, but Amazon’s Free Meek docuseries raises serious systemic questions—and a reconsideration of the rapper

By Larry Platt

Michael Rubin’s $50 Million Big Bet

The entrepreneur and Meek Mill BFF doesn't do anything half-assed. The parole and probation system might not know what hit it

By Larry Platt

The Most Woke Billionaire On Earth

Main Line entrepreneur and 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin’s eyes were opened to the criminal injustice system through his friend Meek Mill. Now he’s on the case.

By Larry Platt

The Meek Mill Conundrum

The rapper isn’t exactly Nelson Mandela. But can his story lead to reform? And can he actually make our city safer?

By Larry Platt