Elections Office Drama

City Commissioners Lisa Deeley and Seth Bluestein may be at risk of losing their jobs in the 2023 election, Philly 3.0’s engagement director observes. That could have consequences for the all-important 2024 presidential race

By Jon Geeting

Now Can We Abolish the City Commissioners Office?

Republican Al Schmidt says he won’t run again. Is now the time to make a much-needed change to how our elections are run?

By Jon Geeting

How Lisa Deeley Saved Democracy

She’s a Democratic party loyalist. But, along with her co-city commissioners, Omar Sabir and Republican Al Schmidt, the Northeast native spearheaded a heroic election process.

By Jessica Blatt Press

Vote Early. Be Counted.

City officials warn of more delays in counting votes in November. Philly 3.0’s engagement director seconds their advice: Mail in your ballots a week ahead.

By Jon Geeting

Guest Commentary: Who’s Protecting Our Vote?

A two-hour “prank” during a meeting last week seems to prove the City Commissioners don’t take seriously their role in making our elections safe and easy. A former commissioner candidate calls them to account

By Jen Devor

The Easiest Way To Vote

For the first time this year, you can cast your ballot for 50 days straight at City Hall—or maybe, Philly 3.0’s engagement director notes, in a neighborhood near you. Here’s how to take advantage.

By Jon Geeting

Voting Is (Just Maybe) About to Get Easier

The State Legislature is set to pass a bill that would help more people vote. So why does City Commissioner Lisa Deeley seem to be against it?

By Jon Geeting

Tasco—Count Me In On That Petition!

The former Councilwoman—and one-time City Commissioner—comes out in favor of abolishing the elected office that oversees elections

By Larry Platt