Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club on Two Boys Kissing

The MSNBC host talks with David Levithan, author and champion of books about LGBTQ+ teens

By Ali Velshi

Art for Change: The Cultural Curator

Quon Brinkley, founder of the Thinker Makers Society, makes space for Philadelphia artists of color and Philadelphia LGBTQIA artists in Old City

By Logan Cryer

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club on Arizona House Bill 2495 with Daniel Hernandez

The MSNBC anchor talks with Arizona State Representative Daniel Hernandez about the state's ban on acknowledging sexuality in public schools

By Ali Velshi

Growing the Prison-to-Business Pipeline

A financial advisor-turned-social work professor has launched a Penn course that teams up students with formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs to help them launch their businesses—and stay out of prison

By Christina Griffith

The TikTok Doc

Austin Chiang, self-professed “medical mythbuster,” is changing the way people get their (correct, research-based) health information … and absolutely killing it on social media.

By Christine Speer Lejeune

The Citizen Recommends: “The Most Revolutionary” Exhibit

A new LGBTQ History Month show at William Way casts a thoughtful eye on three important American decades

By Nick Fiorellini

Dear Gentlemen, Your 60-year-old Wedding Pics are Ready

Decades after having photos from their same-sex Philly-area ceremony confiscated, a search is on for the owners of a historic set of prints. Can they be found before it’s too late?

By Nick Fiorellini

The Citizen Recommends: Digitizing Days at William Way

Time to dig out those old photos, posters, and trinkets to help build Philly’s largest LGBT+ archive.

By Meerabelle Jesuthasan