Governing Makes a Comeback

Council’s passage last week of modest business tax cuts was more than a rebuke of progressives. It also might suggest that reasonableness is trending again

By Larry Platt

Do We Need a Wealth Tax?

Councilmembers Kendra Brooks, Helen Gym and Jamie Gauthier, with an assist from Senator Elizabeth Warren, have proposed a drastic taxing of the rich in Philly. But are they unwittingly harming the middle class?

By Larry Platt

“It’s Just About Doing the Right Thing”

Philly’s Democratic Socialists tried to upend the appointment of democracy-saving Republican Seth Bluestein to city commissioner. But two local pols demonstrated the real progressive ideals we need from our leaders.

By Larry Platt

The Fix: Let The Sun Shine

The indictment of Councilman Kenyatta Johnson is just the latest example of Philly’s most pressing political problem: Transactionalism

By Larry Platt

Reformer vs. Progressive

Recent revelations illustrate Philly’s real political divide. Here’s why it matters.

By Larry Platt

Does City Hall Have An Actual Plan?

City Council and Mayor Kenney began their new terms this week. WURD’s afternoon host wonders if that will matter at all for Philadelphians

By Charles D. Ellison

How We Voted

Philly 3.0's engagement director with a fine-grained look at how citywide voting coalitions made a difference in 2019

By Jon Geeting

Reality Check: Just Another Day in Philly

Low turnout, broken machine politics, an invisible mayor and other unimpressive takeaways from the city’s general election

By Charles D. Ellison