Listen / Watch: How to Really … Run Against Donald Trump

In the latest episode of How To Really Run a City, former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and former Philly Mayor Michael Nutter talk with bestselling author and public intellectual Michael Eric Dyson, who has some advice for President Biden

By J.P. Romney

The New Urban Order: Vote Like Your City Depends On It …

because it does. And this year’s election may prove that

By Diana Lind

Is Philly About to Decide Democracy’s Future … Again?

Voter turnout in the biggest city of our key swing state is trending dangerously downward. Is Philly about to end democracy after saving it four years ago? Governor Shapiro has a warning for us

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: We Must Talk About Abortion

On the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a local Democratic Congresswoman warns of what’s at stake in 2024: Pennsylvanians’ rights

By Rep. Chrissy Houlahan

Listen: Ali Velshi on Trump’s Rhetoric and the Word “Vermin”

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member asks that we pay attention to Trump's rhetoric, which has moved from bizarre to dangerous

By Ali Velshi

Listen: Ali Velshi On Why You Can’t be Pro-Worker if You’re Anti-Union

MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member points out the hypocrisy and misdirection of politicians who want it both ways

By Ali Velshi

Guest Commentary: What if Nikki Haley is Right?

The former Temple Law School Dean and longtime political advisor on what the Republican presidential candidate’s critique of Kamala Harris really means, and what Democrats can do about it

By Carl Singley

The Election Whisperer

The Main Line’s Rich Thau is the nation’s sole conductor of monthly swing voter focus groups in presidential battleground states. And he’s got some advice for both Biden and Trump

By Larry Platt