Forgiving Student Loans… For Public Servants

Rather than canceling student debt for everyone, a longtime college president points to recently revised standards for college loan forgiveness that apply to teachers, police officers, firefighters and others in public service

By Elaine Maimon

What the Infrastructure Bill Means for Philly

Public transit, highways, electric cars. Philly 3.0’s engagement director lays out three big opportunities for Philly in the wake of Pres. Biden’s deal this month

By Jon Geeting

Guest Commentary: Broadband for All

A Philly state rep calls on President Biden to ensure Americans with the greatest need can access a basic necessity of modern life: high speed internet

By Stephen Kinsey

What Philly Should Watch For in Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

Now is the time to implement major infrastructure and transportation changes that will benefit Philadelphians

By Jon Geeting

Will Philly Be Ready For the Vaccine Surge?

President Biden has promised that vaccine supply is ahead of schedule. Philly 3.0’s engagement editor wonders: Can Mayor Kenney and other leaders agree on a plan to get the shots in arms?

By Jon Geeting

The Virus and the City: Biden’s Next Move

The president has made efforts to equalize the playing field for Black-owned businesses doing work with the federal government. It’s cities, Drexel’s Metro Finance director says, that are modeling how to make that happen

By Bruce Katz, Ben Preis and Collin Higgins

The Citizen Recommends: “Dear President Biden”

American Values, Religious Voices—a campaign that creates pathways for civic discourse—will come to the stage on Monday with a live virtual performance and conversation

By Jessica Blatt Press

How Biden Could Make Philly Housing More Affordable

The issue is income, not high housing costs—and that, Philly 3.0’s engagement director says, is where the new president may be part of the solution

By Jon Geeting