Why Won’t Darrell Clarke Support Affordable Housing?

The Council president, with buy-in from colleagues, blocked the transfer of city land to low-income housing nonprofit Habitat for Humanity in order to maintain a parking lot. Where are his progressive principles now?

By Jon Geeting

Guest Commentary: Vote “Yes” to More Housing Trust Funds

Ballot Question #4 this fall asks Philly voters to approve more money for affordable housing. The Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations says it’s what we need now.

By Rick Sauer and Maria Gonzalez

Guest Commentary: The Answer to Our Housing Crisis

A building industry official contends City Council’s proposal for “inclusionary housing” will make it harder to increase Philly's stock of affordable homes. But, he says, there is a solution: Building on public land

By Mo Rushdy

How Deliberate Planning Can Make Housing Fairer in Philly

Mayor Kenney has the chance to shape housing policy for years to come through the City’s next Comprehensive Plan. Philly 3.0’s engagement director looks to New York for a smart approach.

By Jon Geeting

A Luxury Philly Can’t Afford

City Council’s housing policy power grab is crippling Philly’s big-picture goals on affordability and climate. Where, Philly 3.0’s engagement director wonders, is Mayor Kenney in all this?

By Jon Geeting

Fighting Crime Through…Home Repairs?

According to new Penn research, home improvements can cut homicides by nearly 22 percent. Philly 3.0’s engagement director breaks down what that means for Philly

By Jon Geeting

What Philly Should Watch For in Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

Now is the time to implement major infrastructure and transportation changes that will benefit Philadelphians

By Jon Geeting

Leaving Money on the Table

Rising house prices should mean rising tax revenue to help close Philly’s budget gap. Too bad, Philly 3.0’s engagement director notes, the City’s property office is still too dysfunctional to reassess values

By Jon Geeting