The New Urban Order: The Vacant Office Opportunity

Cities around the country are buying vacant office buildings to convert to housing or to meet other civic needs. Here’s why Philly should do the same

By Diana Lind

Recap: Development … for Good — Build Baby Build

Can Philadelphia develop our way out of an affordable housing crisis? This week, The Citizen gathered experts on the matter to work out the answer to that very big question

By Lauren McCutcheon

The Housing Opportunity Hidden in Plain Sight

When it comes to finding more affordable homes for their residents, Drexel’s Metro Finance Head says, cities should look at current housing stock, offer incentives — and move fast.

By Bruce Katz and Andrew Gibbs

The New Urban Order: The Best Way To Build Affordable Housing …

… is to buy it. Here’s how Philadelphia could do that

By Diana Lind

Development for Good: Philly Workforce Homes

Two Center City brothers expand their luxury real estate portfolio with low-profit, high-satisfaction housing for Philadelphia’s working class

By Courtney DuChene

Houses for the Poorest? Or for Middle Class Philadelphians?

We can have both, Philly 3.0’s engagement director argues — if the City can get out of its own way

By Jon Geeting

“Homeless?” “Unhoused?” Who Cares?

What you call our neighbors who live on the street doesn’t matter, a writer who was homeless argues. What matters is that we have the means to bring them inside — but choose not to

By Josh Kruger

Guest Commentary: Does Philly Need Rent Control?

Philadelphia once led the country on keeping rents down — and, says the director of our city’s Rent Control Coalition, we can do it again

By Karen Harvey