Governing Makes a Comeback

Council’s passage last week of modest business tax cuts was more than a rebuke of progressives. It also might suggest that reasonableness is trending again

By Larry Platt

Do We Need a Wealth Tax?

Councilmembers Kendra Brooks, Helen Gym and Jamie Gauthier, with an assist from Senator Elizabeth Warren, have proposed a drastic taxing of the rich in Philly. But are they unwittingly harming the middle class?

By Larry Platt

Are City Council Term Limits On The Way?

Councilmembers Allan Domb, Helen Gym and four others agree that legislators should make way for new blood. Are there six more willing to make it happen?

By Jon Geeting

Philadelphia Mayor’s Race: Pros and Cons of Eight Likely Candidates

What do Allan Domb and Cindy Bass’ call this week for mass vaccinations, Rebecca Rhynhart’s recent critical report on the Kenney administration, and Jeff Brown’s plans to run for mayor all signal? That we’re closer to 2023 than you might think.

By Larry Platt

The Age of Denial, Philly-Style

How Councilwoman Helen Gym, Mayor Jim Kenney and even an Inky columnist are catching the allergy to reality

By Larry Platt

Does Helen Gym Want Donald Trump To Be Re-Elected?

Even though Bernie Sanders has endorsed Joe Biden, questions remain about how supportive Democratic Socialists will ultimately be

By Larry Platt

Philly’s Biggest Coronavirus Threat

The highest risk to the city lies in the scourge that lives with us constantly: Poverty

By Andy Metzger

The Fix: R.I.P Councilmanic Prerogative

Every councilperson convicted of a crime in Philly since 1981 committed offenses related to councilmanic prerogative. There is, Philly 3.0’s engagement director says, another way: Planning

By Jon Geeting