“Ghost Guns Are A Nightmare”

On the heels of settling a lawsuit with Philly, the nation’s largest manufacturer of controversial ghost gun kits has now been sued by a local victim’s parents. Are we finally catching up to the ghost gun crisis?

By Mensah M. Dean

A “Wake Up Call” on Guns

A District Attorney diversion program is offering a second chance to those with no prior convictions and whose only crime was having an unlicensed gun. It aims to work around a state law that treats Philadelphians more harshly than other Pennsylvanians

By Mensah M. Dean

Guns Don’t Kill People … Bullets Do?

In the wake of this week’s mass shooting in Southwest Philly, is it time to start regulating the sale of bullets rather than just repeating gun control rhetoric?

By Larry Platt

Listen: Ali Velshi on Protecting Our Children From Real Threats

It's guns, the MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member asserts, not the knowledge that gay and trans people exist

By Ali Velshi

Generation Change Philly: The Doc Saving Us From Ourselves

Penn physician-scientist Kit Delgado applies what he learns from treating injured patients in the ER to changing the behavior that gets us there in the first place.

By Christina Griffith

Guest Commentary: How to Make Illegal Guns Kryptonite

Philly’s former district attorney has a three-step plan to get guns off the street — and reduce the record shootings — in Philly

By R. Seth Williams

Guest Commentary: Do Philly Officials Have Confidence in Krasner?

State and local leaders refused to comment on the city’s district attorney to a Broad + Liberty reporter. Meanwhile, murders eclipsed the 100 mark

By Todd Shepherd

Guest Commentary: We Need A Gun Violence “Marshall Plan”

Last week, The Citizen’s co-founder put out a call for new ideas to stop the shootings in Philly. City Council’s public safety chair responds with some steps to consider.

By Curtis Jones