Guest Commentary: “Touch the Bones,” a Black History Lesson

A philosophy professor, lawyer, and WURD regular warns against embracing distorted histories of African American leaders and activists

By Timothy Golden

Guest Commentary: Getting the Big Stuff Done

As building has begun on the long-awaited park over I-95 along the Delaware River, the director of the William Penn Foundation lays out how we got here and why the process is a model for major development in the city

By Shawn McCaney

Guest Commentary: Holding Out for a Hero

A former surgeon is one of more than 3,000 Americans waiting for a lung transplant — among more than 100,000 patients waiting for any kind of organ. Here’s how you can help

By Steven Raikin

Guest Commentary: Is Philly Undercounting our Homeless Population?

Last month’s annual count of unhoused people helps determine federal funding for some of our most vulnerable citizens. So why isn’t it more accurate?

By Jacob Fuller

Guest Commentary: A Blueprint For Quality Schools

A local education leader urges school officials and other civic stakeholders to come together around a singular vision for Philly’s students — one that creates opportunity

By Stacy Holland

Guest Commentary: What Should We Do with Welcome Park?

A government strategist has a radical idea for the historic park at the heart of a recent controversy over its William Penn statue

By Mark Nicastre

Guest Commentary: We Must Talk About Abortion

On the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a local Democratic Congresswoman warns of what’s at stake in 2024: Pennsylvanians’ rights

By Rep. Chrissy Houlahan

Guest Commentary: Need Workers? Hire a Migrant

Asylum seekers can solve our country’s — and city’s — labor shortage. But only, the head of a Philadelphia refugee support group says, if Congress lets them

By Cathryn Miller-Wilson