Guest Commentary: We Can Breathe Cleaner Air

The EPA is granting $20 million to help communities monitor air pollution. Now is the time, a clean air advocate urges, for Philly to take action.

By Russell Zerbo

Guest Commentary: Why Taxpayers Should Fund News

The Citizen's co-founder argued that a government bailout of newspapers was a bad idea. Penn’s chief innovation officer and board member of the Lenfest Institute for Journalism disagrees

By Roy Rosin

Guest Commentary: A Right to Diapers

A bill co-sponsored by Sen. Casey would help the one-third of American families who struggle to buy diapers for their babies. Passing it is good health, safety and economic sense, say the leaders of a local children’s charity

By Lynn Margherio and Michal Smith

Guest Commentary: The Day We Fled Kabul

An Afghan refugee who worked for the U.S. government relates his family's harrowing experience fleeing the Taliban, making their way to the U.S.—and finding a welcoming home in Philadelphia

By Ahmad

Guest Commentary: “What Do You Think We Should Do?”

The co-founder of the B Corp movement has a challenge—and an invitation—for his fellow White men in these racially challenging times

By Jay Coen Gilbert

Guest Commentary: The Folly of Philly’s Driving Equality Bill

As cities around the country work to protect residents from traffic accidents, a local resident contends a new bill passed by City Council makes walkers—and drivers—less safe

By Quinn O'Callaghan

Guest Commentary: Sprinting Toward Gomorrah

A woman’s rape on the El—while other riders did nothing but hold up their cameras—forces a Gen Z’er to confront the dehumanizing consequences of lives lived on social media.

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Guest Commentary: Vote “Yes” to More Housing Trust Funds

Ballot Question #4 this fall asks Philly voters to approve more money for affordable housing. The Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations says it’s what we need now.

By Rick Sauer and Maria Gonzalez