Guest Commentary: Something Doesn’t Add Up at UArts

University of the Arts’ former CFO wants answers about the suddenly-closed school’s $40 million funding gap

By Louis J. Mayer, EdD

Guest Commentary: The Pay Paradox of Early Childhood Educators

A policy advisor and former pre-K teacher calls for more investment in our children’s first educators — a proven investment that pays off for all of us.

By Lyssa Horvath

What We Lose When We Lose UArts

It’s not just downtown real estate and higher education at stake, a longtime Philly arts writer observes. The collapse of the 150-year old institution cuts at the heart of what makes our city beautiful

By Roberta Fallon

Guest Commentary: Keep Low Cost Internet … Low Cost

A local state rep urges the Biden administration to reject a proposal to eliminate a bulk billing provision that allows more low-income Philadelphians easy access to the web

By Rep. Jason Dawkins

Guest Commentary: Keep Tomorrow’s Innovators Local

A pair of tech educators urge city and business leaders to make Philly’s job market ready for young technologists — or risk losing them

By Danae Mobley and Maya Heiland

Guest Commentary: Dear Philly, Please Pay Your Providers

The CEO of a health services nonprofit calls on Mayor Parker to ensure fast, reliable payment to organizations doing the hard work of keeping Philadelphians safe and healthy

By Michael Pearson

Guest Commentary: The Watermelon and the Flag in Our Upside-Down World

On waving symbols, extreme national distress and the regressive swing of the pendulum

By James Peterson

Guest Commentary: A Trust Grows in Kensington

An equitable development expert at Drexel’s Metro Finance Lab points to a possible shining light in the neighborhood beset by drug use and poverty: Community ownership of the Kensington Avenue retail corridor. Will it work?

By Karen Black