Guest Commentary: Three Kids, One Post-Pandemic Philadelphia

A Philadelphia educator reflects on the power of young people to accept the world as it is, brutal and beautiful — and urges us all to revel in what they can teach us

By Maureen Boland

Guest Commentary: A Better Way to Run Special Elections

Party leaders hand-picked candidates for the two vacant At-Large Council seats. A former longtime committeeperson calls for a more democratic method — and solution

By Karen Bojar

Guest Commentary: A Win On Abortion Means a Win For America

A local basketball coach and father of young men wonders if a middle path on abortion is the way America can survive this political moment

By Seth Berger

Guest Commentary: The Next Step in Combating the Digital Divide

The director of youth development at a local social enterprise reminds us that online access is only half the battle

By Lawrence Burden

Guest Commentary: Praising the Non-Endorsers of Doug Mastriano

A Republican supporter of Democrat Josh Shapiro on what passes for a bit of courage among his fellow state party members this election season

By Craig Snyder

Guest Commentary: How to Make Illegal Guns Kryptonite

Philly’s former district attorney has a three-step plan to get guns off the street — and reduce the record shootings — in Philly

By R. Seth Williams

Guest Commentary: Without More Jobs, Our Future is Limited

In a groundbreaking new report, the head of Center City District starkly lays out the problem — and calls for Philadelphia’s next mayor to fully invest in growth

By Paul R. Levy

Guest Commentary: “I want to go home. I want my brother”

A bystander of the Fourth of July shooting points out a fact of gun violence in America: Most are not mass shootings, but the everyday violence that plagues communities.

By Daniel Gurevitch