Yesterday’s Protests, Today

In 1967, thousands of students marched to protest inadequate schooling for Black Philadelphians. In this new moment of racial uprising, a group of high schoolers won the right to honor them.

By Isabel Mehta

Hooray! We’ve Disappeared The Frank Rizzo Statue…

… which helps precisely zero black lives today. Remember the civil rights-era admonition to keep our eyes on the prize?

By Larry Platt

What should replace Rizzo?

Locals weigh in on what—if anything—should take over the spot formerly occupied by the controversial Frank Rizzo sculpture.

Citizen Sports: Sideline Poli-Sci

Eagles coaches have long mirrored the Philly political eras in which they worked. What does that mean today?

By Dave Kyu

Rizzo, A Modest Proposal

The Kenney administration wants ideas on what to do with the statue. Here’s one that will show Philly is committed to talking to itself about race

By Larry Platt

Reality Check: Context, Anyone?

As controversial memorials come down nationwide—including, potentially, Rizzo—WURD’s afternoon hosts wonders how much those doing the debating actually know

By Charles D. Ellison

The Equivocator-in-Chief

The president is a master at moral equivocation. As local activists set sights on the Rizzo statue, let’s answer him by making it a teachable moment

By Larry Platt

The Ghosts of Frank Rizzo

We took a few diverse young Philadelphians to see the play about the former mayor. A frank and provocative race discussion followed

By Larry Platt