Partnering For Better Criminal Justice

“Court doulas” from Partners for Justice have saved more than a million hours of incarceration — and millions of taxpayer dollars — nationwide. Now, they’re bringing their work to Philadelphia

By Natalie Pompilio

Listen: Ali Velshi on Cash Bail

In the U.S., defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. So, why are half a million Americans stuck in jail, awaiting their court date?

By Ali Velshi

The Progressive Allergy to Solutions

Spurred by the Meek Mill case, a bipartisan bill in Harrisburg would once again take on state probation reform. So why do progressive organizations like the ACLU prefer maintaining the status quo … to actually fixing the problem?

By Larry Platt

Why We Should Legalize Marijuana in PA

A bipartisan bill in the state senate would legalize the sale and use of recreational marijuana. Here’s why PA should join NJ, DE, NY, and 20 other states that’ve done the same

By Jemille Q. Duncan

A Local Experiment in Scandinavian Justice

An ongoing research study at the state prison in Chester is looking at how Scandinavian-style changes could make prison safer, more productive and more effective — for inmates, workers and the community.

By Christina Griffith

Guest Commentary: George Soros’ Bad Bet on Progressive Prosecutors

Larry Krasner was just one of many DAs funded by the famous investor and philanthropist — all of whom campaigned on less prosecution. A former Chester County DA asks: How’s that been working out?

By Thomas Hogan

Business for Good: Mea Culpa

The Philly fashion brand coveted by celebs James Harden, Kim Kardashian and La La Anthony is breaking barriers and helping those in need — with an extra boost from La La

By Abigail Chang

The Citizen Recommends: REFORM Alliance Community Day of Action

Meek Mill’s probation reform group is celebrating Second Chances Month with an event for returning citizens Saturday. All are welcome to show up and work for change

By Jessica Blatt Press