Guest Commentary: Local News Matters

What do a historic muckraker, the corruption trial of Johnny Doc, and the long arc of justice in Philadelphia have in common? A robust local newspaper

By Anthony Green

Your City Defined: Sheriff’s Office

Here’s a breakdown — and a little history — about the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office

By J.P. Romney

Listen: Ali Velshi Compares Nepotism and Corruption, Trumps vs. Bidens

MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member points out the differences in scope and scale of the allegations against Hunter Biden vs. those against Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

By Ali Velshi

The JailBird Diet — Losing 100 Pounds and Finding Myself Behind Bars

Locked up for campaign finance violations, a Philly political consultant loses weight and gains insight, Henry David Thoreau-style. An excerpt from Ken Smukler’s new memoir.

By Ken Smukler

The Fix: How To Respond to Public Corruption Charges

In L.A., allegations against a councilmember were met by his colleagues … doing the right thing. What a novel concept.

By Larry Platt

The Fix: Corrupt and Consenting

In this excerpt from his new book, a longtime political reformer dives deep into Philly’s unique culture of political corruption — and proposes ways to overcome it

By Brett Mandel

Your City Defined: Home Rule Charter

The City of Philadelphia's constitution is a growing framework of both commonsense and potentially outdated laws.

By Lauren McCutcheon

Listen: Ali Velshi on the Culture of Corruption in Congress

The MSNBC host asks: Why are Republicans trying to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics?

By Ali Velshi