Fun Things to Do in Philly this Week and Weekend

This week there concerts to see, Shakespeare to experience, Quizzo to win, Parks on Tap to attend, an opportunity for civic engagement on immigration policy, and more

By Lauren McCutcheon and Christina Griffith

How To Really Run A City: A Special Episode on Citizenship

In the latest episode our podcast, former mayors Michael Nutter of Philadelphia and Kasim Reed of Atlanta revisit past guests for a reminder about what really matters in America today

Ideas We Should Steal: College Credit for Campaign Work

L.A.’s Occidental College offers a “campaign semester” for students who do election work full time. A longtime university president urges local colleges to do the same

By Elaine Maimon

Listen: Ali Velshi on South Africa’s Fight for Democracy

MSNBC host and Citizen board member Ali Velshi looks back at his parents' homeland and puts the struggle against South African apartheid in modern context

By Ali Velshi

Listen: Ali Velshi Interviews Philadelphia’s Block Captain of the Year

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member talks with Michelle Belser of Melrose Gardens about civic engagement and working with the community

By Ali Velshi

Citizen of the Week: Vivek Babu

Thanks to the efforts led by Drexel’s undergraduate student president, the university will for the first time give students the day off for voting and engagement on Election Day 2024, the latest in a string of election advocacy successes.

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Citizen of the Week: Barbara Greenspan Shaiman

For 25 years, the Champions of Caring founder helped mentor more than 10,000 youth in how to create social change. Now she’s spreading her do-good message to Philadelphians of all ages

By Amanda DeJesus

The Citizen Recommends: What the Constitution Means to Me

There are just a few more days to catch this thought-provoking performance at Arden Theatre Co., but its message will stay with any engaged citizen long after.

By Erinda Sheno