Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2019: Participatory Budgeting

Around the world, city officials gives residents money from their budgets to spend as they see fit. Check out this story from 2017 and find out more at our 2nd Annual Ideas We Should Steal Festival

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Citizen Recommends: Breaking Through Gridlock

Join Civic Series, in partnership with The Citizen, for a workshop on how to have productive conversations in polarized political times

By Katherine Bourque

Ideas We Should Steal: Action Civics in Schools

A new Massachusetts law mandates experiential civics learning in school. It’s one way to ensure a better democracy in our children’s future

By Michael Deal

Week 16: Mike Quick’s Eagles Civic Season

This week, the Eagles announcer and former All-Pro wide receiver, with help from a Drexel professor, looks at how Philly stacks up against Washington, D.C.—on and off the field

By Mike Quick and Professor Richardson Dilworth

Do Something: Listen to Survivors

This week, learn more about mandatory sentencing through film, hear Philly's best performers on stages across the city, march to put an end to rape culture everywhere, and more

By James Meadows

Guest Commentary: Seeing Philly Through Detroit-Colored Glasses

A trip to the Motor City leads The Economy League’s executive director to reflect on how far Philly has come—and where we are headed

By Jeff Hornstein

Ideas We Should Steal: The Citizens Project

Can increasing civic engagement keep people out of jail and off the streets in Philly as it has in New Haven?

By Jill Harkins

Do Something: Defend the Free Press

This week, stand with students against gun violence, farm in Center City, discuss the free press and more!

By Emma Kreider