WATCH: Sue Jacobson on Going For It

The businesswoman and former Chamber of Commerce board chair won the Chamber’s prestigious Paradigm Award for women last month. Her speech is a font of leadership wisdom we should all heed

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Memo to Madam Mayor: Collaboration is Key To Philly’s Future

The heads of the Chamber and United Way urge Mayor-elect Parker to share responsibility for Philly’s growth with business, philanthropic and public leaders

By Chellie Cameron and Bill Golderer

Guest Commentary: Pennsylvania is Open for Business

Pittsburgh and Philadelphia business leaders make the case for working together to bring jobs and economic opportunities to the state

By Matt Smith and Chellie Cameron

Guest Commentary: Cleaner Streets are Key to Philly’s Success

Local business leaders on what the City must do to bring more visitors — and their economic impact — to Philadelphia

By Zach Wilcha and Greg DeShields

Generation Change Philly: The Better Business Builder

Philadelphia tech entrepreneur Chris Cera builds and runs software companies. But he also advocates for tax policies that allow small businesses to thrive, creates model work environments — and promises not to bail for the suburbs.

By Natalie Pompilio

In Memoriam: A Contrarian When it Counted

A retired Temple professor recalls the life of Pat Gillespie, one of Philly’s “most effective, courageous, decent, and yes, outrageous, leaders”

By Joe McLaughlin

Watch: The Future of the Philadelphia Office

An event last week explored the ways companies balance worker and business needs — and how Center City can thrive in our new norm

By Lauren McCutcheon

Governing Makes a Comeback

Council’s passage last week of modest business tax cuts was more than a rebuke of progressives. It also might suggest that reasonableness is trending again

By Larry Platt