Guest Commentary: “Magic Seats” Undermine Democracy

The Democratic Party wants to pick your “elected” judicial candidates. A longtime committee person objects

By Karen Bojar

Elections Office Drama

City Commissioners Lisa Deeley and Seth Bluestein may be at risk of losing their jobs in the 2023 election, Philly 3.0’s engagement director observes. That could have consequences for the all-important 2024 presidential race

By Jon Geeting

How Philadelphia’s Local Democratic Party Hurts Democrats

Philly 3.0’s engagement director on the Bob Brady-led City Committee’s moves against “outsiders,” which is weakening the party ahead of critical 2022 midterm elections

By Jon Geeting

Guest Commentary: Say No to Methane

Methane emissions fuel the climate crisis and cost taxpayers millions of dollars annually. A clean air advocate urges a stop to proposed EPA rules allowing more of it.

By Joseph Otis Minott

Brady vs. Brooks

Kendra Brooks’ Working Families Party council candidacy has ruffled feathers. But does she represent real change?

By Larry Platt

Bob Brady’s Nixon to China Move

With his announcement that he won’t seek reelection, will Bob Brady surprise us by being an agent of change at home?

By Larry Platt

The Ghost of Reformers Past

As the Feds raise the temperature on party boss Bob Brady, could he use it as an opportunity for reform?

By Larry Platt

Inauguration Blues

The Philly congressional delegation’s boycott was wrong and hypocritical. But it’s not too late to be constructive

By Larry Platt