How The Sixers Can Save The City

Sports teams can make or break a city’s soul. Wednesday night’s loss was a historic collapse, but there’s one way the Sixers can save us from our angst tonight in Atlanta

By Larry Platt

Citizen of the Week: Dr. Dan Taylor

The St. Christopher’s pediatrician is constantly finding new ways to uplift Philly youth. His latest endeavor: Need-a-Net Philly, a grassroots movement to repair basketball hoops—and restore dignity to neighborhoods.

By Jessica Blatt Press

Villanova For the Win!

With March Madness back on this year, we face a perennial dilemma: Can we be fans of winning games while also winning at education?

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2020: “You Can’t Be Afraid of the Mess”

After last year’s Ideas We Should Steal Festival, The Citizen awarded $50,000 to pilot a basketball-based gun violence reduction program in Philly. Its long journey has just begun.

By Jessica Blatt Press

Why The Sixers Need Jay Wright

Our dysfunctional pro team’s problems have nothing to do with basketball

By Larry Platt

I Am Because We Are

The Citizen’s 2020 Jeremy Nowak Urban Innovation Award will go to a program fighting gun violence and incarceration through basketball. Here, one of the organizers explains what it means to him—and for young black men in Philly

By Aaron Crump

Citizen Sports: True Champs

In a world without sports, players step up

By Dave Kyu

The Citizen Recaps: Lara Price and Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Citizen’s executive editor and Sixers chief operating officer talked about the key to helping women get ahead: Being a champion

By Jessica Blatt Press