Can Education Save Us From Tyranny?

In advance of a surprise January 6 hearing today, a long-time college president reflects on ways to preserve our embattled democracy

By Elaine Maimon

Mr. Schmidt Goes to Washington

Former City Commissioner Al Schmidt’s testimony this week before the Jan. 6 committee was a reminder that maybe integrity isn’t dead yet

By Larry Platt

LISTEN: Was Kushner Sealing Saudi Deal while Trump held Office?

Citizen Board Member and MSNBC host Ali Velshi asks: What is the Abraham Fund — and was it illegal?

By Ali Velshi

How to Contact Your Representatives

How to find your city, state and federal representatives, and tips on how to write them—because it's our responsibility to hold them accountable

The Weirdest Senate Primary Race In The Nation

Carpetbaggers, 2020 election result deniers, candidates—including a celebrity TV doc—spending personal fortunes, and connections to Communist China and the Turkish army. Welcome to democracy, PA-style

By Larry Platt

Choose Democracy

The assault on the U.S. Capitol was a low point of our 240-year history. It’s time to pick a side: Are you for or against democracy?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

America’s Delivery Crisis

The federal government has done its part, authorizing billions of dollars for infrastructure and other programs. Now, Drexel’s Metro Finance head says, it’s up to cities to use it well. Are you paying attention, Philly?

By Bruce Katz

Guest Commentary: A Right to Diapers

A bill co-sponsored by Sen. Casey would help the one-third of American families who struggle to buy diapers for their babies. Passing it is good health, safety and economic sense, say the leaders of a local children’s charity

By Lynn Margherio and Michal Smith