The Stakes of the Election: The Leadership Question

This long campaign season ends tomorrow. Who is the leader we need for a better Philadelphia future?

By Sam Katz

Watch: Listening in on Mayoral Candidates

The Citizen’s co-founder got to know four of the leading candidates in in-depth recorded conversations. Learn more about who they are, and what they want to do, here

By Ajay Raju

Exclusive: Who Won The First Independent Poll of the Philly Mayor’s Race?

Find out who would become the next mayor if Election Day were today — and who would come out on top in a ranked choice vote — in our new poll with Committee of Seventy, Chamber of Commerce, Urban Affairs Coalition and FairVote

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Stop Idolizing Politicians like They’re Celebrities

For democracy to work, citizens need to hold electeds to account for their actions — even if they’re leaders we really, really like.

By Jemille Q. Duncan

The Stakes of the Election: That’s Madam Mayor, Thank You

A former mayoral candidate-turned-award-winning documentarian amends his take on this year’s race for the city’s top post.

By Sam Katz

Is Helen Gym a Hypocrite?

Or is she just wrong?

By Larry Platt

The Fix: Why Ethics Matter in the Mayor’s Race

Jeff Brown may be under investigation by the Ethics Board. Others have their issues. Which candidate represents the cleanest, least purely transactional style of governing?

By Larry Platt

The Stakes of the Election: The Making of a Mayor

Predictions on election math, messaging that matters, and who will emerge the winner in May’s primary from a former Mayor candidate-turned-award winning documentarian

By Sam Katz