Will the Supreme Court Bombshells Change How PA Votes?

Why are Josh Shapiro and Doug Mastriano neck and neck? Is Dr. Oz underwater? Is PA going red? Catching up with legendary political consultant Neil Oxman to understand the polling.

By Larry Platt

How to Vote in the November 2022 Election in PA

Everything you need to know about voting in Philadelphia before (or during) the 2022 election on November 8.

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

Notes From Crazy Town

An insurrectionist, a stroke patient, a TV doctor, a newspaper that’s anti-vote, and warring progressive and establishment factions walk into an election. Is the joke on us?

By Larry Platt

Ronnie Listens: How To Really Turn Out Voters

Philly’s “deep-canvassers” are using a startling — and potent — blend of vulnerable emotion to get people to the polls. Join us to become one of them before the November general election.

By Ronnie Polaneczky

Why Doesn’t Anyone Like John Fetterman…

…except for voters?

By Larry Platt

What We Know About 2022’s Ward Elections

The bad news, according to Philly 3.0’s engagement director? Too many vacancies remain. The good news? You can easily write yourself in to victory.

By Jon Geeting

The Weirdest Senate Primary Race In The Nation

Carpetbaggers, 2020 election result deniers, candidates—including a celebrity TV doc—spending personal fortunes, and connections to Communist China and the Turkish army. Welcome to democracy, PA-style

By Larry Platt

Magic Seats, Ward Leaders and the 2022 Ward Elections

Who fills empty elected seats when there’s an unexpected opening? It could be you, says Philly 3.0’s engagement director

By Jon Geeting