2024 Integrity Icon: Eric Kapenstein

The Deputy City Commissioner helping to oversee election integrity and efficacy cut his teeth in 2020 — and is ready to bring that fairness and accuracy to our next big election

By Lauren McCutcheon

Ideas We Should Steal: Counting Votes Faster

Will PA join 42 other states that start processing mail-in ballots before Election Day in time to avoid uncertainty over the 2024 Presidential election?

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club Special Edition on The U.S. Constitution

The MSNBC host speaks with professors and authors Akhil Reed Amar and Jeffrey Rosen on competing interpretations of our founding document

By Ali Velshi

How Elections in Philadelphia Work

With the mayoral primary in full swing, Philadelphia City Commissioner Seth Bluestein explains why voters should feel confident their ballots are safe and counted every Election Day.

By Todd Shepherd

Mr. Schmidt Goes to Washington

Former City Commissioner Al Schmidt’s testimony this week before the Jan. 6 committee was a reminder that maybe integrity isn’t dead yet

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Reflections from a First-Time Voter

A Penn student looks back on a whiplash year that forced her to confront her own assumptions: How could she preach voting when she wasn’t sure she’d vote?

By Calista Lopez

The New RFK?

The election results reveal the potential for a transformative new coalition—if Joe Biden and progressives have the guts to go there

By Larry Platt

Making History in Harrisburg

Philadelphia Rep. Joanna McClinton breaks ground as the new PA House Democratic leader

By Jon Geeting