Problem Solving Must-Read: Marking storefronts for the homeless

Plus: On-campus dorms for recovering addicts and digital innovation to fix legal aid issues

Problem Solving Must-Read: Marking storefronts for the homeless

Plus: On-campus dorms for recovering addicts and digital innovation to fix legal aid issues

Here at The Citizen, we do problem-solving journalism, looking for ideas and solutions to move the region forward and make a better city. Here are some other great ideas for solving the world’s problems, from media outlets around the globe:

Paris Shops Are Marking Their Windows for the Homeless

Photo: CityLab

A pilot program in Paris’ 11th arrondissement is marking storefront windows so homeless people know where they can get a free meal or use a public restroom. About 70 small businesses have adopted this program by placing stickers in their windows, each indicating a different service the homeless can receive from the business. At one restaurant, a homeless person can charge their cellphone, use a first aid kit or send mail for free; at a local market, they can reheat a dish or make an emergency phone call. As the city’s homelessness rate is skyrocketing, meeting the needs of homeless people can help create a greater sense of community for everyone. (via CityLab)

Legal Aid With a Digital Twist

In the most recent installment of Tina Rosenberg’s series on fixing the justice system, she highlights solutions out of Maryland to speed up expungement and make the playing field more fair for those in civil cases. In civil cases, there is no right to an attorney (as there is in criminal cases). Yet these cases can have enormous consequences: one can lose their home, health care or children without an attorney to aid them. Baltimore’s Client Legal Utility Engine provides lawyers to those who need help in fighting off losing their homes or aid them in applying for expungements. Other groups like this one throughout Maryland are empowering people to fight off civil cases and avoid a multitude of repercussions—and have been very successful so far. (via New York Times)

Oregon State University To Open A Dorm For Students Recovering from Drug Addiction

Oregon State University will be opening an on-campus dormitory for students recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. Already there are nine students who have committed to living in the Recovery and Learning community. The university hopes to expand the program to 24 people in an effort to provide the best environment possible for students in recovery. This is the latest effort in OSU’s Collegiate Recovery Community, following their sober events and meetings and a clubhouse for students in recovery to study. (via Huffington Post)

Photo by Mat / Unsplash

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