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Elections on November 8, 2022 are just midterms. Here at The Citizen, however, we believe they’re more important than ever, not just for our city or state, but for our nation. Need help?

Here’s how to register to vote. (You have until October 24, but don’t wait that long!)

Here’s who’s on the ballot statewide.


Get Involved

Engaged citizens strengthen democracy

One of the founding tenets of The Philadelphia Citizen is to get people the resources they need to become better, more engaged citizens of their city.

We hope to do that in our Good Citizenship Toolkit, which includes a host of ways to get involved in Philadelphia — whether you want to contact your City Councilmember to voice your concerns about the issues most impacting your community, get those experiencing homelessness the goods they need, or simply go out to dinner somewhere where you know your money is going toward a greater good.

Find an issue that’s important to you in the list below, and get started on your journey of A-plus citizenship.

Vote and strengthen democracy

Stand up for marginalized communities

Create a cleaner, greener Philadelphia

Help our local youth and schools succeed

Support local businesses


In CitizenCast

PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro has accrued a fairly unusual amount of Republican support in his bid to become the next governor of Pennsylvania. Here’s what he has to say about it.


Listen: Ali Velshi on Why U.S. Democracy Could End in PA

MSNBC's Al Velshi and Josh Shapiro speak about how many Pennsylvania voters plan to back democracy on November 8

Listen: Ali Velshi on Why U.S. Democracy Could End in PA

MSNBC's Al Velshi and Josh Shapiro speak about how many Pennsylvania voters plan to back democracy on November 8

Nearly 60 percent of candidates on ballots nationwide in this November’s election have denied the results of the 2020 presidential election, reports MSNBC host and Citizen Board Member Ali Velshi. Pennsylvania, as the “swingiest swing state,” represents a test to American democracy.

Our statewide elections consist of two especially high-profile races: TV celebrity doctor and Trump acolyte Mehmet Oz (Republican) versus Lieutenant Governor and former Braddock, PA mayor John Fetterman (Democrat), for a majority-shifting seat in the U.S. Senate, (being vacated by Pat Toomey, a Republican).

Perhaps more crucially, PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro (Democrat) is running for the governor’s job against Doug Mastriano (Republican), who represents PA’s 33rd District in the State Senate and took part in the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. The job of governor of PA is somewhat unique in that only they can appoint a Secretary of State and therefore certify — or decertify — an election. Mastriano has threatened to use his power as governor to decertify voting machines.

For this reason, says Velshi, “Pennsylvania is actually where democracy could go to die in November.” It’s also why many PA Republicans are backing Shapiro.

“The stakes are so high. The contrast couldn’t be clearer,” says Shapiro. “Folks recognize that this is a moment where we have to come together.”

Listen to the episode:

Watch the episode:


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