The Citizen Voter Guide: PA Elections 2022

Here are the results from the 2022 primary in Pennsylvania — a snapshot of who you'll be voting for in the general election in November

By Natalie Parker and Julie Platt

The Enlightenment Is On The Ballot

Media needs to cover the values underpinning the gubernatorial campaign of Doug Mastriano, because business as usual “objectivity” won’t capture the looming threat to pluralism

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Praising the Non-Endorsers of Doug Mastriano

A Republican supporter of Democrat Josh Shapiro on what passes for a bit of courage among his fellow state party members this election season

By Craig Snyder

“Democracy Or Not Democracy”

What the highest-stakes Pennsylvania election since the last high stakes election (i.e. that one two years ago) is really about

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Is Democracy in Peril … Or Not?

There’s been a lot of handwringing over Democrats like Josh Shapiro trying to choose their MAGA general election opponents. But maybe we need a nationwide referendum on Trumpism, once and for all?

By Larry Platt

Will the Supreme Court Bombshells Change How PA Votes?

Why are Josh Shapiro and Doug Mastriano neck and neck? Is Dr. Oz underwater? Is PA going red? Catching up with legendary political consultant Neil Oxman to understand the polling.

By Larry Platt

Notes From Crazy Town

An insurrectionist, a stroke patient, a TV doctor, a newspaper that’s anti-vote, and warring progressive and establishment factions walk into an election. Is the joke on us?

By Larry Platt

Is Trumpism Without Trump PA’s Future?

Eight of nine state representatives voted against certifying Joe Biden’s win last week. That, says Philly 3.0’s engagement director, may bode poorly for upcoming state elections

By Jon Geeting