Listen: How to Really Run a City

The Citizen’s new podcast starring former Philly Mayor Michael Nutter and former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed dives deep into the mystery and mastery of urban leadership. Here’s why it’s needed now more than ever

By Larry Platt

LISTEN: If Germany Can Wean Itself Off Fossil Fuels, So Can We

Citizen Board Member and MSNBC host Ali Velshi breaks down what we can learn from Germany's approach to Russian fossil fuels

By Ali Velshi

Audio: To Pod or Not to Pod?

What last week's meeting between Black and Jewish leaders tells us, now that the local head of the NAACP has been jettisoned for an anti-Semitic posting

Audio: Answering Rodney

Audio: Free College for All?

Under PA State Treasurer Joe Torsella’s newest plan, Pennsylvania would join 26 other states in offering tuition-free skills training and associates degrees to all residents

Audio: A Love Letter to the Post Office

The USPS is in the news these days for its (potential) election-related failings. But a novelist and Penn professor remembers it for its beauty

Audio: Save Restaurants, Save Philadelphia

The RESTAURANTS Act—co-sponsored by local Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick—would bail out an industry we all love. If it’s good enough for American Airlines, why are we not backstopping Ellen Yin’s Fork?

Audio: Girls Auto Clinic

Patrice Banks has plans for another car repair shop, post-Covid. First, though, she’s launched a program aimed at getting more women of color into the car repair biz.