The Citizen Recommends: Climate Forum 2020

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, a Citizen board member, will co-moderate as 12 presidential hopefuls talk to young voters about the climate this week

By Katherine Rapin

I is for Immigrant

It’s Welcoming Week in Philly and America. Al-Bustan’s Immigrant Alphabet offers 26 stories to honor it

By Katherine Rapin



The Cider Revival Book Launch

Friday, Sep 13, 2019
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

at Hale & True Cider Co.

Cider is having a major moment.

Foodizen: Dinner on the Farm

What’s even better than a farm-to-table dinner? A farm-to-farm table dinner, that also helps keep small, sustainable farms afloat

By Katherine Rapin

Foodizen: What you need to know about “ugly produce”

Three companies in Philly offer cheap, fresh produce they say also helps our planet. But, as the next in our series on food and culture uncovers, it’s more complicated than that

By Katherine Rapin

“They Can Win”

When their garden project was halted because of lead in their school, students at Furness High School embarked on a different campaign: To clean every toxic school in Philly

By Katherine Rapin

The Magic Garden

A student-led effort for a multi-generational garden aims to break ground this spring behind a South Philly high school near Cambodia Town, where growing food meets cultural preservation

By Katherine Rapin

Guest Commentary: An Electric Car Trailblazer

As a Citizen story pointed out this week, Philly lags in getting electric cars. Local legend Judy Wicks wants to know why City Council wants to make it harder to have one

By Katherine Rapin