Malcolm Burnley has been a journalist in Philadelphia since 2013. Before joining the masthead as a staff writer, he was a longtime freelancer for several outlets in the city, including the Citizen (some of his all-time favorite stories were pieces for the Citizen, like one about Philly’s voting-machine fiasco and a contribution in the Higginbotham series), Philly Mag, and WHYY. He’s also contributed work to Time, POLITICO magazine, The Atlantic, iHeartRadio and other outlets.

A native of Staten Island, NY, he is passionate about telling overlooked stories throughout Philadelphia. He’s also a podcast host and adjunct professor at Temple University’s Klein School of Communications. He wants to see Philadelphia at its best. And he wants a Dion Waiter statue.


Stories by Malcolm Burnley:

2024 Integrity Icon: Tracey T. Williams

The deputy commissioner for the Department of Records is a career civil servant who’s fighting to protect homeowners and advocate for those in need of recognition

By Malcolm Burnley

2024 Integrity Icon: Adara Combs

The first-ever director of Philly’s Office of Victim Advocate has parlayed a decade in the DA’s office to bring dignity and much-needed help to victims and their communities

By Malcolm Burnley

Did Voters Make Neighborhood Development Better?

The ballot measure Philadelphians passed last month could be the start of needed reforms to the role community groups play in creating more housing for more people

By Malcolm Burnley

Ideas We Should Steal: Letting Citizens Shape Philly’s Budget

South Bend, Indiana proactively boosted resident feedback in its budget season through its 311 line and by meeting citizens where they are. Could the same efforts in Philly create a budget that reflects residents’ priorities?

By Malcolm Burnley

Recap: Let’s Hire an Attorney General!

The Citizen held its latest Ultimate Job Interview Monday for the state’s most important election. See what you missed, learn about the candidates — and vote

By Malcolm Burnley

Mark Squilla Loves The Process

The fate of the 76ers arena rests on one person’s shoulders (hint: it’s not our new mayor). Is this any way to run a city?

By Malcolm Burnley

Can Philadelphia Correct … our Corrections?

The City’s new approach to the drug trade in Kensington could send increasing numbers of people to city jails. How will that square with the prison department’s ongoing staffing crisis?

By Malcolm Burnley

Ideas We Should Steal: AI in Government (No, Really!)

Earlier this month, Sheriff Rochelle Bilal showcased how public officials should not deploy Artificial Intelligence. But like other cities, we can harness the new technology for good

By Malcolm Burnley

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