Katherine Rapin works for the Philadelphia Citizen
Katherine Rapin

Freelance journalist Katherine Rapin has written for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Edible Philly, and While reporting, she’s found herself shoveling compost alongside a frantic farmer, getting schooled on urban gardening and gentrification by teenagers, making empanadas with the matriarch behind a long-running Philly block party and being hand-fed dumplings by a former assistant to the Dalai Lama.


Stories by Katherine Rapin:

Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Philadelphia

When Philly celebrates Indigenous People's Day, you should, too. Even after the long weekend ends

By Katherine Rapin

Generation Change Philly: The Activist Chef

South Philly Barbacoa’s Cristina Martínez has earned the highest honors for chefs in America. But that’s just the start of her most important work

By Katherine Rapin

Ideas We Should Steal: Working Farms Fund

The program has helped 25 small, organic farmers preserve and cultivate 355 acres of farmland around Atlanta, launching new generations of growers and a healthy locally produced food scene. Could Philly be next?

By Katherine Rapin

Moving On From the Trauma

Catching up with Dr. David Rubin, director of PolicyLab at CHOP, who has been blanketing the airwaves arguing that it’s time to rethink our Covid risk management strategies

By Katherine Rapin

Great Women-Owned Restaurants in Philly

Philly’s women-run restaurants are helping us all survive the pandemic. Here, some of our favorites to try right now.

By Katherine Rapin

The End of 13th Street Streateries?

The Streets Department is making restaurants in Midtown Village dismantle their outside dining huts for non-emergency utility work set to start January 20. With Covid surging, and food businesses barely hanging on, is this really how to keep the city thriving?

By Katherine Rapin

The Good Citizen’s New Years Resolutions

A new year means new chances to take action, get engaged and help make a better city for all of us. Here, 22+ ways to pitch in for Philly.

By Katherine Rapin

How to Help Afghan Refugees in Philadelphia Now

It’s been three months since the last US military plane left Kabul. After a traumatic evacuation and weeks living on military bases, hundreds of Afghan refugees are arriving in Philadelphia—they need our support now more than ever.

By Katherine Rapin